Many of us want to look a certain way and some of us think it is unachievable. We turn the TV on and see various celebrity and say, “Wow! Look at that!” The “ah’s” and “uh’s” are exclamations of the disbelief at how one can achieve such great physique at an older age. If it was normal for 50 year olds to look 22, we wouldn’t be so awe struck. Well, I have great news for you. Having a great body or physique is very achievable. 

It requires work just like your education, child, house or garden. What you put in is what you get out. Many put junk in and expect to get a million dollar sculpture out. Dah! Even that doesn’t happen with a magician...the quality with which you pay him is the quality of magic (illusion) you will get. Some others think that by going to a doctor, having surgery or taking a pill – any damage or wrong done by harmful habits will be ‘fixed’. Unfortunately, that also is not true.

As a physician myself, I can tell you that we have limits and only care for people; only God has cures that do not create more illnesses or problems. Many of our treatments and drugs ‘cure’ one thing and have other side effects. Ever taken a medicine with a long list of possible side effects like “you may develop headache, nausea, vomiting, somnolence, internal bleeding… for this wonderful headache relieving medicine”? Even surgeries have limits. Body and emotional scars are left behind on men and women who have been under the knife so many times trying to correct an inner problem with an inefficient outer tool. I will address this issue more at another time…now; let’s focus on eating and your health. What do you need to know?

Our maker made us with specifications outlined in the manufacturer’s manual – the bible. It tells us how we ought to live, eat, treat others etc. (To those who argue that it is old fashioned,I say that’s why there are modern day problems that were not present and available hundreds and thousands of years ago.) God made certain trees, fruits and fresh things for food, not processed things. The western diet richly laden with fats and meats is inextricably linked to colon cancer.
Ladies and gentlemen, what we eat affects our health and lives.
So where do we start?
Eat what the ‘manufacturer’ made for you to eat - naturally grown foods, with little or no processing. This ensures you’re not losing essential nutrients in your diet which may be stripped by processing. As a student, I always used to be reprimanded by my mother for storing foods for so long in the deep freezer. By the time I would be eating them; they would be tasteless…or rather have a taste like the freezer. Fresh foods even taste better to attest for the rich nutrients still in them.

How does the body remove all the processing? It doesn’t, it wasn’t made to deal with ‘processing’, so it accumulates. Just like tobacco accumulates in the lungs of smokers and turn into cancers, many processers and preservatives accumulate. We have not been able to determine what they turn into.

There are people who I know and have read of that had lupus or other autoimmune diseases who started eating healthy, leaving out ‘processed’ from their diet, and got healed of their illness.

Get a loaf of bread that your family is used to and look at the ingredients. What kind of flour is used? What is enriched flour? What is added and why is it added? What process does flour (even at the regular food store) pass through?
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